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Ideas and Help for Parents

Accent on Skills Children's Creativity Workshops
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- camps for all children focus on developing skills not just acquiring knowledge and facts. Get a group together and engage in many different creative activities e.g. how to be an artist, how to be a great writer, and more.

- Featured Topics: "Activities Database" has over 500 activities of interest to gifted children, their families and educators.

Inventors College Organization (ICO) Inventing Workshops
- organize a group of adults or children, and learn how to invent new products and services. We assist you in protecting intellectual property, learning about legal and technical matters, creating prototypes, finding investors, marketing/advertising, and developing personal presentation skills.

Inventors Circle Inventors Co-operative
- Monthly meetings are in north Toronto. Whether you are an amateur or professional inventor, there is something of value to you at the meetings. Meet other like-minded creative people.

PROGrant (Parents Reaching Out) Parent Workshops
- Ontario school parent councils, organizations,and committees can apply for funds to cover costs of parent inservicing projects.